Tom Scotus

Sodom Rises Under The Rainbow Flag

By Tom Scotus / August 12, 2015

I remember, as a boy, looking up into the sky, fresh after a summer rain, and seeing a magnificent rainbow. It looked like a mystical ladder to heaven, a wonderful thing to behold. 

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Are You A Mason Without An Apron?

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / July 7, 2015

Not so long ago, Freemasonic lodges in nations such as the United States and Canada were teaming with members. Today, most are suffering the same fate as those of other fraternities such as the Odd Fellows, the Elks, and the Moose Hall — aging memberships and declining numbers. 

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Hugh Hefner: From Hero To Zero

By Tom Scotus / May 19, 2015

When I was a teenager, I thought nobody was cooler than Hugh Hefner. He was rich. He was famous. He hosted hip celebrity parties. He was a sharp dresser, was articulate, had a great sense of humour, and was tall, dark and handsome. 

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Why I wear a crucifix

By Tom Scotus / April 13, 2015

Sometimes, when I am tempted to despair, I imagine taking off my cross permanently and renouncing the faith.

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Three is a magic number

By Tom Scotus / March 30, 2015

When I was 10 years old, I watched an episode of Schoolhouse Rock on TV that featured the number three. “Three is a magic number,” sang the show’s narrator.

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Do People Respect You?

By Tom Scotus / March 12, 2015

Many years ago, a cashier was serving me at a video rental store. Seemingly out of nowhere, she said, “If you wear a smile for an umbrella, you’ll get water in your face.”

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Sex

By Tom Scotus / February 25, 2015


In the beginning, God created man and woman, the first human marriage. He said, “Let us make mankind in our image…” (Genesis 1:26), alluding to His own mysterious unity. From the Father, united with the Son, emanates the Holy Spirit who, in turn, binds the Church to God. This is a “sexual” mystery, in the purest sense.

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Will Pedophilia Be Legalized?

By Tom Scotus / February 6, 2015


It seems that Sodom and Gomorrah are making a come back. God destroyed these cities because of their gross sexual immorality: fornication, homosexuality and, I believe, pedophilia. I use this order because, I think, that’s the progression a society follows towards total depravity.

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Is Pope Francis Serving Our Lady Or Her Enemies?

By Tom Scotus / January 23, 2015

For decades, I’ve known that the Catholic Church was infected with modernists, heretics and communists. I’ve also known that Freemasons had infiltrated the highest levels of the Church hierarchy.

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God Judges Our Hearts, Not Just Our Actions

By Tom Scotus / January 9, 2015

Brenda had sex with more than 30 men over the years, but she’ll only admit to about six. She is now 60 years old and is fornicating with a divorced man that she doesn’t love. Still, she sometimes chastises her ex-boyfriend Bob, on moral grounds. Bob is married but he still occasionally visits her, looking for sex.

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