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Who Is A Slut?

By Tom Scotus / December 19, 2014

A few years ago, I watched an interesting episode of Sex In The City. In case you are not familiar with the show, it’s about four attractive women who sleep around with various men in New York, looking for love and happiness. In the episode I’m referring to, the show’s main character Carrie Bradshaw asks, “Are we sluts?”

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The Positive Thinking Religion

By Tom Scotus / December 12, 2014

You’ve got terminal cancer. Your wife has just left you for another man. A con artist has stolen your life savings. Do not despair! Think positively and all will be well. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but essentially that’s what the “positive thinking” gurus would have you believe.

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The Devil’s Strategy Of Patient Gradualism

By Tom Scotus / December 6, 2014

How do you boil a frog? If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. But, if you put a frog in cool water and then gradually turn up the heat, you can boil him. He won’t realize the creeping danger. Most people, like the frog, only react strongly to sudden cultural change.

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Music As An Expression Of The Divine

By Tom Scotus / November 19, 2014

Music can deeply affect us emotionally and spiritually. It is an art form. Yet, it is very orderly and even mathematical. When I hit a bad chord on my guitar, I know it’s bad. It simply doesn’t sound right, and there is something innate in me that tells me so. In that sense, we didn’t invent music.

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The Pharisee In All Of Us

By Tom Scotus / November 5, 2014

I once dated a woman named Stella. She would often arrive late for our dates. When I’d complain, she’d say, “You’ve got a problem. People can’t always be on time. I’ve got a good reason for being late.” So I decided to conduct an experiment.

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Sex Inn - Flickr Image by: Rupert Ganzer

Are You A Sex Addict?

By Tom Scotus / October 16, 2014
Only a small percentage of the population would consider themselves to be sex addicts. However, porn now generates billions of dollars in annual sales and about a third of all internet traffic is porn related.
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Breaking Self-Defeating Behaviour Patterns

By Tom Scotus / October 2, 2014

Two hunters shoot a large moose. They phone for air transport. The pilot lands on the small lake. “We need you to haul us, our gear and this moose back to camp,” Max the hunter tells the pilot.

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Gifts of Holy Spirit - Veni, Dator Munerum: Flickr Image by - Lawrence OP

Are You Knowledgeable Or Ignorant?

By Tom Scotus / September 19, 2014

When I was 19, I thought I knew everything. Now, I often feel that I know nothing. That’s probably a good thing because, as Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

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Sin Kills Them Softly

By Tom Scotus / September 5, 2014

I was intrigued by a movie I recently watched called Killing Them Softly. The film really didn’t have that much going for it; however, I think it was a fascinating portrayal of the effects of sin on the human soul.

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Who Are You “Behind Closed Doors”?

By Tom Scotus / August 22, 2014

Hank was my closest friend in high school. I was 17 when I met him. He was 24. Hank had spent a few years in the army and then decided to complete his high school education.

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