Is Pope Francis Serving Our Lady Or Her Enemies?

For decades, I’ve known that the Catholic Church was infected with modernists, heretics and communists. I’ve also known that Freemasons had infiltrated the highest levels of the Church hierarchy. But I’ve always felt reassured during the reign of fairly solid popes such as St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Yes, the Vatican II popes weren’t staunchly orthodox, but at least they kept the tide of liberalism within the Church somewhat in check. Then came Pope Francis.

Francis’ comments and actions concerning ecumenism, homosexuals, atheists, Jews, Muslims, evangelization, Church rules, etc., leave the impression that he is a hardcore modernist. Unsurprisingly, liberals, both inside and outside of the Church, have heaped praise upon him while conservative Catholics have been disappointed, to say the least. Some conservative analysts have called him a heretic, an anti-pope, a non-Catholic or, even, Franken Pope.   

Our Lord assured us that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church (Matthew 16:18), so I’m hoping that beneath his modernist exterior, Francis is a loyal servant of Christ. He often does sound fairly conservative, especially when not speaking off the cuff. Surely, Francis knows that the devil’s power in the world is reaching its apex while the Church seems impotent. Perhaps, in order to protect the Church, the Pope often pretends go along with Our Lady’s powerful enemies. On the other hand, Francis may simply be a bad pope. If so, he wouldn’t be the first.

Fr. Paul Kramer, who is very knowledgeable concerning the Fatima prophecy, has stated that Vladimir Putin visited Francis in Rome in 2013 and asked for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as per Our Lady’s wishes. According to Fr. Kramer, Francis said, “We will not discuss Fatima.” If Fr. Kramer’s account is accurate, we can draw several possible conclusions: 1) Francis has been misinformed concerning Fatima. 2) Francis really is an anti-pope who wants to undermine the Church. 3) Francis would like to do the consecration but he is afraid to offend powerful enemies of Our Lady.

According to the Fatima prophecy, if the Pope consecrates Russia as Our Lady requested, Russia will be converted to Catholicism and the tide of Marxist-inspired revolution (liberalism) destroying our Church and our civilization will be defeated. It’s encouraging that the present Russian leaders seem to genuinely want a Christian revival in their nation. With that in mind, Francis has a heaven sent opportunity to shed his terrible image among conservative Catholics and become one of the greatest Popes ever.

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