The Spiritual Meaning Of Sex

In the beginning, God created man and woman, the first human marriage. He said, “Let us make mankind in our image…” (Genesis 1:26), alluding to His own mysterious unity. From the Father, united with the Son, emanates the Holy Spirit who, in turn, binds the Church to God. This is a “sexual” mystery, in the purest sense. Because of original sin, humanity became “divorced” from God and came under demonic oppression. To liberate humanity, God used a “sexual” approach. He proposed to the Virgin Mary through the angel Gabriel. The product of their union was the divinized man, Jesus, whose ministry began at the wedding at Cana. Throughout the Bible, “virgins,” “brides,” “weddings” and “bridegrooms” are used to symbolize spiritual truths. Jesus was celibate because He was one with God, as a husband and wife are “one flesh.” His apostles, their successors, and those consecrated to religious life followed this example.

God wants to “marry” us but, because He is pure, we must also be pure. Central to Catholic ritual is the sacrament of communion, which foreshadows a “marriage” with God. We break communion with God when we sin mortally. God can repair that communion through the sacrament of reconciliation (confession). In the Catholic faith, marriage is a sacrament. The marital act of a husband and wife symbolizes the spiritual marriage of God and the Church (see Ephesians 5:31-32). All other sexual acts symbolize rebellion against God. This mystery is “known” to our innermost selves. Therefore, we all have a strong, innate desire to experience the divine “sexual” ecstasy. This helps explain the resilience of true religion and, conversely, humanity’s obsession with sex.

God made us for Himself, to fulfil His purposes. The devil’s great lie is that we “own” ourselves, that we are independent. This false sense of freedom is celebrated in sexual immorality (lust) and in self-glorification (pride).

If you study the compass and square symbol of Freemasonry, you may conclude that it represents the sex act. In the centre of this symbol is a letter G. Masons will tell you that it stands for “God.” Others will tell you that it stands for “Gnosis.” Gnosis means “hidden or esoteric knowledge.” The Church considers Freemasonry to be the synagogue or “church” of Satan. However, very high degree Masons understand the deep spiritual meaning of sex, albeit in a perverted sense.

The foregoing explains why Godly cultures restrict sexual behaviour to marriage while demonic cultures promote sexual license. Those who unrepentantly indulge in forbidden sexual pleasure will be damned. Ironically, in hell they will be denied sexual pleasure and, as a substitute, they will be tormented by sadistic, vindictive demons. However, those who renounce or control the flesh in this earthly life, as they strive for holiness, will enjoy the mysterious sexual ecstasy of heaven forever.

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