Will Pedophilia Be Legalized?

It seems that Sodom and Gomorrah are making a come back. God destroyed these cities because of their gross sexual immorality: fornication, homosexuality and, I believe, pedophilia. I use this order because, I think, that’s the progression a society follows towards total depravity.

The “free love” promoted during the 1960s sexual revolution mainly concerned heterosexual, adult sex, outside of marriage. The vast majority of people back then still saw homosexuality as evil and viewed pedophilia as an unspeakable horror. Once heterosexual fornication became socially acceptable, “progressives” began pushing for the acceptance of homosexuality. That process is now nearly complete.

Child molestation is much more frequent among homosexuals than the general population, so the broad acceptance of “gay” sex naturally tends towards greater tolerance and perhaps even the gradual legalization of pedophilia. “Impossible!” you might object. “Our society would never tolerate that!” Well, I hope you are right, but 100 years ago most people believed that easy divorce, widespread contraception, abortion, free love and gay “marriage” would never be tolerated or legalized. They were wrong.

In fact, influential persons and organizations have been promoting the normalization of pedophilia for some time. Since the 1970s, pedophile advocacy groups have sprouted like noxious weeds in many nations. Sex education in schools is indoctrinating younger and younger students. Its effect is to promote sexual behaviour among children and teens under the guise of protecting them from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Ontario’s proposed new sex ed program is a perfect example. Pro-pedophilia groups and their allies are working to change the traditional labels used to identify these sexual predators. Naturally, they prefer the titles “minor attracted persons,” “men who love boys” or “trans-generational lovers” to “pedophiles.” They are also claim that pedophilia is not a choice, it is a sexual orientation that some people are born with, so pedophiles need compassion not condemnation. The documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? (2013, available on Netflix) seems to promote greater acceptance of sex between adults and teens.

This frightening trend concerning attempts to normalize pedophilia is grossly under reported in the mainstream media, so the average person doesn’t realize it is occurring and building momentum. The devil’s strategy will be, first, to characterize adult/teen sex as not being pedophilia. His agents will work to gradually lower age of consent laws for teen/adult sex, first to 16, then to 14, and so on. They will claim that teens are able and entitled to provide consent without parental interference. Through a strategy of sex ed, media indoctrination, court precedents and patient gradualism, children under 13 will eventually be targeted. (Also see Child Porn and Pedophilia to be Legal Soon and Legalized Pedophilia in the UK.)

Why are our moral standards sinking lower and lower? The answer is very simple: Our society has turned its back on God. Religion is the foundation of a society’s moral edifice. One that foundation has been sufficiently weakened, the edifice collapses. Fortunately, God has provided the antidote to this unfolding nightmare: the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by our Pope and all his bishops. Our Lady of Fatima has promised that this act will convert Russia to Catholicism. It will stop the devil in his tracks!

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