Sodom Rises Under The Rainbow Flag

I remember, as a boy, looking up into the sky, fresh after a summer rain, and seeing a magnificent rainbow. It looked like a mystical ladder to heaven, a wonderful thing to behold. But, like the words “gay” and “pride,” the rainbow symbol has been commandeered to promote a radical social revolution. The extent to which our civilization has embraced this revolution is truly astounding. Twenty-five years ago, gay “marriage” was not even on the cultural radar screen. Now, to speak out against it is to be condemned as a bigot or worse.

The rainbow was adopted for this purpose for the obvious reason that its colours are used to represent a myriad of sexual options: heterosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, homosexual, transgender, etc. The new culture of “diversity,” a new religion of sorts, has received endorsement even by the Obama White House, whose exterior was recently illuminated with a colour spectrum.

For me, the rainbow revolution is about much more than ensuring homosexual, lesbian and transgender rights. It is about promoting a morality in reverse that endorses nearly every form of sexuality that Christianity condemns. Its advocates preach tolerance but are intolerant of anyone who disagrees. Up until the advent of the sexual revolution, Western civilization was Christian. It is now, for the most part, neo-pagan.

The rainbow culture is the sodomy culture. On a spiritual level, it signifies rebellion against God’s will and His purpose for sexuality. While embracing nearly every form of sexual behaviour, it divorces sex from its higher purposes: true marriage, procreation, and, on the spiritual level, communion with God. In God’s plan, the intimate joining of a husband and a wife represents the New Covenant, the spiritual marriage of God and His Church. The sodomy culture takes this symbol and throws it into the sewer. It promotes sexual practices that cannot, or are not meant to, result in procreation. When they do result in procreation, the sodomy culture champions the “right” to abortion.

As new as the sodomy culture may seem, it is not new at all. Every ancient civilization that embraced it quickly collapsed, as they rotted from the inside. God does not hate homosexuals, lesbians and the sexually immoral. He loves them and commands everyone to love them. It is intriguing that the social revolutionaries have adopted the rainbow as their symbol. Traditionally, the rainbow symbolized God’s promise that He would never again destroy a sinful world through a universal flood. However, the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorra were not destroyed by water; they were incinerated. It is not too late for our sinful world to turn back to God.

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