Feminism: A Cultural Wrecking Ball

If you were the devil, how would you destabilize marriages, undermine female morality, legitimize abortion on demand, and destroy Christian civilization? You would create “isms” and social movements that pretend to promote the cause of equality, liberty and human rights while actually promoting Marxist (Satanic) revolution. One of your most effective weapons would be feminism.

Feminism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While pretending to advance the cause of women, feminism helps to destroy all that is best in a culture. Feminism disparages true femininity. It denies the intrinsic differences between the genders, and then, hypocritically, proclaims the female to be superior. Feminism uses women as canon fodder to be sacrificed in Satan’s ongoing war against God. Feminism misrepresents the raison d’etre of human sexuality. It succeeds largely by appealing to human pride. It is essentially a lie, created by the father of lies. It preys upon human ignorance and corrodes any society that embraces it.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not against women. Nor am I against fighting for legitimate women’s rights. I am opposed to feminism, as I understand it to be. Feminism actually hurts women. For example, feminists are pro-abortion. That seems to be one of their most sacred dogmas. Yet, the primary female right is the right to life! Feminists also encourage women to be “sexually liberated.” That is, to have sex outside of marriage with as many men (or women) as they please. This has degraded social morality in general and has encouraged men to use women as sex objects, rather than treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Feminism, which is opposed to Catholicism, has encouraged women to live sinful, irreligious lives, putting them in danger of eternal damnation.

Today, you will sometimes hear the question, “What do women want?” It’s a rhetorical question because, in today’s culture, the answer seems unclear. There is a contradiction and a tension within the modern woman between what God created her to be and what the feminists demand that she become. This is exemplified by the fact that most women today deny that they are feminists but they agree with the major tenants of feminism!

In bye-gone days, what women wanted was clear: Women wanted to marry. Women wanted to be mothers. Women wanted their husbands to support them and their children. Women wanted to be surrounded by loving family and friends and live in comfortable homes. Some women didn’t want marriage and children. They became nurses, nuns, teachers, secretaries, stewardesses, musicians, librarians, waitresses, cashiers, factory workers, writers and actresses. A few women rebelled against this traditional social order, and high degree Freemasons and Communists championed their cause. Feminism was born.

I’m not saying that things were perfect for women before our feminist era. There were bad men who abused women and got away with it. There were talented, ambitious women who couldn’t achieve great things because it was “a man’s world,” or because they were told that their place was in the home. Women were often unjustly discriminated against in many other ways. However, instead of simply trying to correct these wrongs while preserving what was best, feminism was used as a cultural wrecking ball.

The feminists teach that there is something wrong with traditional masculinity. They teach that men must become more like women. This mentality, and feminism in general, is now woven into the fraying fabric of Western civilization. Men aren’t sure of how they should act and are confused when today’s “liberated” women give them mixed messages (re-read paragraph four).

Ironically, a woman will destroy feminism. She is a woman “clothed with the sun” (Revelation 12:1). She is a woman who brought our Saviour into the world and she will bring the world back to Him.

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