Music As An Expression Of The Divine

Music can deeply affect us emotionally and spiritually. It is an art form. Yet, it is very orderly and even mathematical. When I hit a bad chord on my guitar, I know it’s bad. It simply doesn’t sound right, and there is something innate in me that tells me so. In that sense, we didn’t invent music. We discovered it. Music was there at the beginning, before mankind was created.

Music is ultimately an expression of the divine. God and His creation are meant to be in perfect harmony. God is the Conductor. His creation should be His orchestra. God created each one of us to play a part. Our song is meant to be one of joy, celebration, praise and thanksgiving. We were created to enjoy the bliss of ultimately taking part in an eternal, heavenly concert.

A bad chord on a guitar or a piano might be called a “discord.” Heavenly discord began when Lucifer and one third of the angels rebelled against God. Instead of playing the part assigned to them by the Great Composer and Conductor, they insisted on doing their own thing. Their song was one of pride, envy and rebellion. The majority of humans have also rebelled against God. This is reflected in much of the music and “art” produced today. 

I consider myself a creative person who strives for perfection. When I write a column, I polish it until it seems perfect. I’m sure that a good composer, artist or architect does the same thing with his work. Man, as a creator, strives for perfection because he is created in God’s image. In turn, each one of us is meant to be God’s masterpiece. If we are willing and docile subjects, God will perfect us. His work only becomes difficult, and even impossible, when we are uncooperative. God respects our freedom of choice. We can say “yes” or “no” to Him. Our “yes” will culminate in the ecstasy of eternal, heavenly music. Our “no” will culminate in Hell’s painful, chaotic noise.

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