Satan’s Global War Against God

The anti-Christian revolution that began in France in 1789 now seems to be nearing its climax. The toppling of the Christian monarchies of Europe, the spread of liberal democracy, the secularization of Western culture, the growth and spread of Marxism and Masonic globalism, are all major parts of this phenomenon. The growth of sexual perversion, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, the occult, recreational drug use and other evils are its bitter fruit. Orchestrating all of this is the father of lies, Satan, who knows “his time is short” (Rev. 12-12). This is the background of the epic struggle between good and evil now taking place in our world.

In Russia, the collapse of the Soviet Union has led to the domination of that great nation by Vladimir Putin. He has promoted Russian nationalism and the resurgence of Orthodox Christianity. He has also broken the power of the Jewish oligarchs who had controlled the wealth of that country during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. Although the Rothschild banking dynasty still exerts a degree of control of Russia through that country’s central bank, Putin’s regime seems to be an enemy of the world Marxist elite. We cannot be certain, however, where Putin’s real loyalty lies.

Masonry’s domination of the European Union is being challenged by nationalist and Catholic forces, especially in Poland and Hungary. Those two brave nations are defying the occult Marxist agenda of the EU elite. Economic uncertainty in such nations as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece in addition to England’s vote to leave the EU, are also major headaches for the globalists.

Presently, Donald Trump and his allies are bravely opposing the Socialist take over of America. Joe Biden, who won a fraudulent election, is suffering from dementia. Supporting him is the fierce and determined power of the Marxist elite. The drama now taking place is the culmination of decades of Socialist gains in America. If there remains sufficient integrity in the government bodies and courts of the USA, Trump will be proclaimed as the next president. Even if he is not, he has vowed to continue the fight against his enemies and the enemies of the nation.

Thanks especially to American financial and technologically resources, China is on the verge of replacing the US as the world’s dominant power. This would suit the globalists fine as they secretly arranged for the Communist take over of that nation immediately following World War Two. What the globalists want is a Communist one-world government (the United Nations) that they would control. The growth of Chinese Christianity, anti-Communist resistance in Hong Kong and Taiwan plus Donald Trump’s anti-Communist China policies (if they can continue) are major obstacles for the globalists.

The Catholic Church seems demoralized, crisis ridden, ineffectual and suffering from internal conflict – a mere shadow of the proud, militant, dynamic Church it once was. Masonry, in this regard, has done its job well. Pope Francis seems to champion the liberal globalist agenda with his irresponsible comments that contradict established Church teaching. Fortunately, brave prelates such as Athanasius Schneider, Raymond Burke, and Carlo Maria Viganò have criticized the Pope’s improper teachings and have championed the traditional faith of the Church. Also, there are many pockets of conservative Catholics who are bravely opposing Satan’s agenda.

This tiny summary of the most important battlegrounds of the global war of good versus evil once again underscores the urgent need for the Catholic Church to submit to God’s will as expressed through our Lady of Fatima: The Pope together with all the Bishops of the world must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Only then will the forces of Satanic Marxism and Masonry be suppressed and a period of peace will be gained for the world.

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