Fatima: Now More Than Ever

What our Lady of Fatima warned us about over 100 years ago – that Russia would be used as an instrument of chastisement, if her request was not obeyed – is beginning to be fulfilled. As I write this, Russian military units are invading Ukraine. In this time of great peril, it is imperative to state once again that the Pope, together with all the Catholic bishops of the world, must solemnly consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as she requested. Only in this way, will Russia be converted and will peace reign in the world.

For many years, the untruth has been told and believed by many, that Our Lady’s request was fulfilled in 1984 when St. John Paul II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart. It must be emphasized, yet again, that this consecration did not explicitly mention Russia, and therefore did not properly fulfill Our Lady’s request. This can be proven by two obvious facts: 1) Russia is not fully converted to the Catholic faith and 2) Russia is at war with Ukraine and, in a broader sense, she is at war with the West.

So, who is to blame for this dire situation? Partly, it is the result Vladimir Putin’s defiance of the world elite. Putin is a nationalist who dreams of restoring Russian greatness. He is a cool, calculating and often ruthless strategist. He is a tireless worker and a very clever foe. Partly, it is due to the global elite’s strategy of hemming in Russia, straggling her with economic sanctions and encouraging the growth of NATO right to her borders. This strategy of isolation, provocation and intimidation has had a predictable result: war. However, most of the blame rests with all of the Popes since the Fatima apparitions who have, on the one hand, solemnly affirmed their veracity while, on the other hand, refused to properly obey Our Lady’s request.

I believe that the imperfect “consecration of Russia” in 1984 (and other imperfect consecrations made at other times) has had an imperfect but encouraging result. The Soviet Union has collapsed, the communist persecution of Christianity has ended in Eastern Europe and throughout the former Soviet empire, and the Russian Orthodox Church has been rejuvenated. Russia is now a Christian nation, resisting the “woke” and godless agenda of the globalist elite. However, modern Russia has shown itself to be militant, sometimes aggressive and often ruthless. Putin has implied that he will use nuclear weapons, if he feels that he must do so.

Russia should not be offended that Our Lady has requested that she be consecrated to her. Rather, Russia should feel honoured. The Roman Catholic Church is experiencing a crisis of faith, as her mostly liberal prelates attempt to ignore or even redefine her traditional doctrines. Pope Francis’ actions and statements are often ambiguous, confusing and alarming to traditional Catholics, and he seems determined to make the Church a partner in creation of a godless New World Order. Once the consecration is properly done, I believe that the Russian Orthodox Church would unite with the Roman Catholic Church and would then help restore traditional Catholic teaching throughout the world.

World leaders have thus far failed to secure peace with Russia. It is encouraging that millions of Christians and others of good will have earnestly prayed to God for peace. However, those prayers will not be enough. The Pope must consecrate Russia, exactly as our Lady of Fatima requested, or Russia will be an instrument of chastisement for the world. The full chastisement could include nuclear war!

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