Hail Satan! Abort Everyone!

As I drove to our latest Life Chain event, a man stopped me in the parking lot and informed me that our traditional part of the street where we held our annual prolife demonstration had been taken over by Satanists. “Oh, boy,” I thought, “this is going to be interesting.”

We gathered for prayer and instruction before we formed our protest line further down the street. One of the organizers led us in prayer and then advised us not to confront the Satanists. “If they bother you,” he said, “just move away.”

We formed our lines on each side of the street, quietly holding our signs, which read such things as, “Adoption is the Loving Option” and “Abortion Hurts Women.” The Satanists, however, did their best to intimidate and insult us while loudly proclaiming their support for abortion to passing motorists. The situation did not deteriorate further, largely because of the presence of two police cruisers. Thank God.

I have been involved in the prolife movement for decades. It is, for the most part, a Christian movement. I think that if it weren’t for conservative Christians, the prolife movement would essentially cease to exist. That means that God is prolife. On the other hand, our most fanatical opposition comes from Satanists and those who are knowingly or unknowing controlled by Satan.

Two of the Satanists at our event had signs that said, “Hail Satan! Abort Everyone!” This may seem strange, but is very telling of Satan’s attitude toward humanity. Firstly, it reveals his hatred for people because we have been created in God’s image and have the opportunity to go to heaven. The demons have been cast out of heaven and are therefore bitterly envious of us. Secondly, Satan considers abortion to be a sacrament. Satanists will often impregnate one of their members during an orgy and then perform a ritualistic abortion on her in order to gain Satan’s favour. One of the main reasons that countries such as Canada allow abortion on demand is that these countries are demonically controlled. The so-called right to abortion is protected and promoted with religious fanaticism by elite groups who owe their power, wealth and prestige to Satan. Thirdly, Satan wants everyone aborted spiritually. That is, he wants to keep us from being “born again” so that we will be damned.

So, whose side are you on? God’s side or Satan’s side? Remember, there is no neutral ground. Jesus said, “He who is not with me, is against me” (Mt. 12:30).

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