This Priest deserves coal and a swift kick in the buttocks!

Today’s gem er… I mean lump of coal goes to Father Geraldo de Magela Silva. 

The article is brought to us by RORATE CÆLI which is a Catholic Blog.  The reason Fr. Geraldo deserves this coal is because he celebrated a “The Masonic Memorial Mass”. Anyone who knows anything about Catholicism also knows that Catholics are barred from participating and being members of Masonic sects because they are inherently incompatible with the Triune God and also with Catholic principles. It is unknown at this point if Fr. Geraldo is completely ignorant of this, or he is willingly and openly doing this in defiance of the Magisterium, but regardless of the circumstance, this is worthy of excommunication if he hasn’t brought this upon it himself already.  Shame on you Father for allowing this Mass to happen, I hope you see the error of your ways. For further details please follow this link.