Debate on Gay Marriage (Brian Brown and Dan Savage)

Today we have a debate between Brian Brown and Dan Savage on Gay Marriage.

Today we have a debate between Brian Brown and Dan Savage on Gay Marriage.  After watching the entire debate, I thought it was worthy of a daily post because Dan Savage apologizes for his comments about the Christians who walked out on him in a previous lecture (which is laudable); however during his debate he continues to show he can’t fathom the Catholic faith or interpret Scripture correctly. How many heresies has he spouted?? More than I want to count at this point. Dan Savage insults the Catholic faith further by hanging his LGBT trinkets over the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As if Christ actually cares about his LGBT trophies. Many of Brian Brown’s points are correct as they have already happened in Canada and other countries. We also see the moderator jumping into the mix getting involved in the debate and going off topic. Regardless of what Dan Savage said, Brian Brown sums up the debate at the end with his remark “If Marriage is not about bringing the two sexes together, then essentially you have destroyed marriage because it is whatever you want it to be…” Bingo! It ain’t marriage anymore Dan Savage. Dan Savages’ red herring at the end is utter non-sense, we already have Organizations in Canada and the US who have already been hauled through various tribunals, courts and lost their ability to practice, provide service, or faced heavy fines for not providing NON-essential services to gay couples. You will need over an hour to watch this debate.


The original lecture by Dan Savage is here.