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Surrogate Mother Resists Abortion

Good news! – Surrogate mother resists abortion pressure, will keep baby

by John Jalsevac

  • Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:40 EST

Last week I told you that there are two surrogate mothers right now who are being pressured to abort the babies they are carrying by the biological parents because of abnormalities.

Well, I just found out that one of the mothers has decided definitively to keep the baby – come hell or high water. “I will not have her blood on my hands,” the mother writes.

However, while this is great news, keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the road for this courageous woman. She is facing enormous uncertainties and potentially high legal and medical costs, not to mention the emotional and physical stresses of standing against the wishes of the biological parents and being pregnant with a child who is not biologically her own who doctors say may be seriously ill.

I will be in touch with this mother this week and hope to find out more about her situation and how we can help her out. Continue to keep her in your prayers, and stay tuned for what further assistance you might be able to offer.

As far as the other mother is concerned – “Ashley” – I haven’t heard anything more. We can pray that she too is finding the strength to resist the pressure of the biological parents to end the life of the child she is carrying.