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Liturgical terminology: Vigil Mass

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Nov 5, 2015

Saturday evening Masses are a common event on the landscape of the Roman Catholic Church and have been for several decades.

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Marvin’s Miraculous Vision Of Mary

By Tom Scotus | Oct 23, 2015

The alarm clock buzzes. Marvin turns it off. Another working day. He’s not sure which day and he doesn’t care. It’s Wednesday, he realizes. “What difference does it make?” he thinks.

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Nationwide Life Chain; Thunder Bay Prolifers Attend

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Oct 9, 2015


Pro-life advocates assembled peacefully on Memorial Avenue at the Intersections of Memorial and Central Avenue to stand up for the rights of the unborn during the afternoon hours.

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Lifetour visits Thunder Bay

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Oct 9, 2015


The public was invited to become politically active in the struggle against abortion at the Lifetour gathering in Thunder Bay on the evening of October 7. The event took place at Urban Abbey, a former protestant church, on Red River Road.

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Are You An Ugly Weed Or A Beautiful Flower?

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Oct 6, 2015

Many years ago, I planted wild flower seeds in a patch of ground in my back yard. The first year I did so, I was rewarded with a garden filled with a variety of colourful and beautiful flowering plants. The second year, an assortment of green shoots sprang up. When these plants were young, I couldn’t tell if they were wild flowers or noxious weeds.

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Kathleen Wynne Gets Schooled

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Oct 4, 2015


Kathleen Wynne visits kids in a school and attempts to teach them about what she thinks should be in the sex ed curriculum.  The kids decide to give her their own take on it instead!

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Why a Whopper Isn’t God

By Tom Scotus | Sep 6, 2015

I sat in a four-wheel drive truck and studied the large picture of a Whopper hamburger on the side of a Burger King restaurant. It looked more than delicious, tantalizing and beautiful. It had a strange erotic effect on me.

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Sex-Ed Protestors; Bill Mauro’s Constituency Office

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Sep 3, 2015


Protestors and counter-protesters showed up outside of Liberal MPP Bill Mauro’s Constituency Office to protest the New Ontario Sex Education curriculum that goes into effect with the new school year. 

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Real Women and Pride

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Aug 28, 2015

As you can see from the picture, it portrays a little boy kissing a little girl’s hand. At first thought it might seem like this cute meme is adorable and worthy of praise because it shows a boy “manning up,” with the caption, “A Real Woman can do it all by herself; but a real man wouldn’t let her.”

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