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Bobby’s Road Rage Incident

By Tom Scotus | Feb 3, 2016

One night, Bobby’s wife sent him to buy a gallon of milk. He went to the local variety store, took the milk from the cooler and waited in line.

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Movie Night with Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Jan 26, 2016


Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom is screening the latest movie release on Mother Teresa called “The Letters”  (The Untold Story of Mother Teresa.)

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Doctor Assisted Suicide – Thunder Bay Consultation

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Jan 26, 2016


Last year, the Supreme Court declared that Canadian laws protecting patients against doctor-assisted death were unconstitutional, even though no right to assisted suicide or euthanasia appears anywhere in the nation’s constitution.

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Remembering Who We Are

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Jan 26, 2016

It has occurred to me with unusual clarity, over the past month or so, that we really do not have a firm grasp of how to treat people with respect.

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What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

By Tom Scotus | Jan 22, 2016

When I was a boy, I thought I knew what being successful meant. It meant that you got good grades, looked good, had lots of friends and was a good athlete.

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Kathleen Wynne’s Cabinet Meeting

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Jan 7, 2016


Kathleen Wynne is addressed by MPP’s and the media about the growing financial crisis looming in Ontario, and the ever increasing debt.  Her response to the legitimate questions regarding the Ontario Liberal Government, are none too surprising.

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Accept Your Hardships and Count Your Blessings

By Tom Scotus | Dec 29, 2015

Harry was 55 years old. He’d experienced the death of his father, the suicide of a close friend, multiple job losses, and his mother’s failing health and confinement to a nursing home.

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Christmas Message from Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom | Dec 25, 2015


Despite the many evil things happening in Canada, and in the world, it is our desire that you don’t lose hope, and that you continue to live out his Holy Gospel.

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An Advent Story

By Tom Scotus | Nov 27, 2015

Two of Bob’s female coworkers were told to decorate the office and grounds for Christmas. It was a big task and would take several days. On the third day, one of them said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this! I didn’t sign up for this f*cking job!”

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