Man Possessed in Windsor?

Today we have a story from the Windsor Star by Trevor Wilhelm.   We have a story of what seems to be supernatural possession but this is un-confirmed.  Deacon Gerard Charette of St. Alphonsus Church had given a man communion, and shortly after started to chant, yell, and weep. The man then proceeded to physically attack the Deacon, as police were called to address the situation.  He was tazed, but continued to struggle with amazing strength after the police arrested the man.  If the details of this story are indeed true, and it is confirmed that drugs or no other physiological condition existed beforehand, then it could very well be someone oppressed by demonic forces. 

Spiritual oppression and possession is an occurrence we are hearing more about as of late from Catholic Sources and from personal experience (which had largely subsided in the 20th century).  As dictated by Canon Law, every Diocese is to have an exorcist on staff to be able to handle these extreme and rare cases.  It is unknown at this time if Thunder Bay has a Priest or Bishop that has been mandated as an exorcist.  Please pray for this man, some recorded exorcisms are known to of taken many months to deliver the person from evil forces.   The full story is below. We will also try and follow this to see the outcome; however it could be months before we see any further information.