Is Romney’s Prolife Agenda for Real?

In spite of years of liberal social engineering, the abortion issue just won’t go away.

In spite of years of liberal social engineering, the abortion issue just won’t go away. There is a simple reason for that: abortion is murder. As the Republican party’s presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has taken on the unlikely role of champion of the pro-life cause. He is an unlikely choice because of his history of flip-flopping on the issue. “I will preserve and protect a women’s right to choose,” said Romney in 2002. Five years later, he said, “Every action I’ve taken as governor of Massachussets has been prolife.” His chameleon like position on abortion has largely defined his political career, so conservative voters view him as unreliable on the issue.

On the other hand, Paul Ryan, who Romney recently chose to be his running mate, has excellent pro-life credentials. He has received a one hundred percent endorsement from the National Right to Life Committee, and liberals consider him to be on the “extreme right wing” of the abortion issue. So why did Romney choose Ryan?

This is what I believe happened: Romney is considered a good choice for a presidential candidate by the Republican Party elite for many reasons. However, they are aware of the fact that too many people view him as a phoney conservative. They needed someone like Ryan to strengthen Romney’s conservative image. This is manipulative and cynical, but that’s the real world of politics.

Romney actually symbolizes the true nature of the Republican Party. There are many strong conservatives within the party. However, there are just as many moderate conservatives and liberals in key positions as well. Behind the scenes, America’s liberal, non-elected elite controls both major political parties. The Republican Party is used to defend the financial interests of the privileged classes and to appeal to socially conservative voters. Its role isn’t to actually implement a conservative social agenda, but simply to appeal to voters who want a more conservative America. True conservatives in the party do have some power, but they do not become president. Republicans like Romney become president.

When we do get a Republican president, we do not see a direct assault on legalized abortion. We see things like more restrictions on federal funding for abortion or the outlawing of partial birth abortions. These prolife victories are meant to satisfy the Republican Party’s conservative base and, at the same time, anger those on the left. However, the nation’s abortion mills are left free to continue killing the unborn by the hundreds of thousands. This is exactly what would happen if Romney were to become president. (While it’s true that abortion was legalized in the U.S. by court action, the president could do a lot to get make it illegal, such as appointing prolife judges to the Supreme Court and working to pass a prolife amendment to the Constitution.)

Abortion is legal in the U.S. because the American ruling class wants it legal. They use the two party system to keep the vast majority of Americans engaged in the “legitimate” political process. They know that even though millions of conservatives have lost faith in the Republican Party, that these conservatives have nowhere else to go. They must either vote Democrat or Republican. There is no credible third party, and the Republicans will, at least, give conservatives some of what they want.

The democratic system which has evolved in the U.S. is as clever as it is devious. It leaves conservatives hoping that, just maybe, politicians such as Romney are not lying after all.

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