Would Jesus Recognize Catholic Worship?

Here is another great article by Fr. Dwight Longenecker listed below.  The article is to remind us that the Catholic Mass is not meant to be simple, like what you may see in a Modern Catholic or Protestant Church.  There is also an interesting comment on the bottom from a poster called Rick12.

“Great answer Father. Now how many of those things don’t exist in many of the newer and remodeled Catholic Churches in this country. How many parishes still use incense? The alter has been turned into a table. Few chant the psalms. How many have a visible tabernacle? The number of candles have been reduced to two in most parishes I have seen. The sacrifice is now called a banquet at my local parish. Some parishes replace the water with sand during Lent. Do many parishes still have processions? I did not realize many of these things you talked about until I attended a Traditional Latin Mass. I often have reflected on what would Jesus do if he entered many of the newer Catholic Churches or walked in on rather progressive rendition of the Holy Mass with dancing girls, folk music and such. They resemble Herods Palace more than the Temple in Jerusalem. I imagine His would be very similar to His reaction to the money changers in His house. I was raised as an Independant Baptist and now attend a TLM parish. It has been a beautiful journey. God Bless Father keep up the good work, love your blog.”