U.S. Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

The U.S. Supreme court ruled 5-4 in support of same same sex marriage on Friday.  Thirty seven States already recognize same sex marriage, while 13 don’t.


Flickr Image by: Elvert Barnes

The U.S. Supreme court ruled 5-4 in support of same sex marriage on Friday.  Thirty seven States already recognize same sex marriage, while 13 don’t.  The ongoing battle over the last two years was a fierce one, that included warnings from some Bishops.  The real tragedy is that the U.S Bishops weren’t more unified about this, and many didn’t speak about it, or campaign against the depravity. 

Did we really expect anything else? Modernists are insistent to push its agenda come hell or high water.  In 2005 a very similar situation happened in Canada in which it legalized same sex marriage; being the 4th country in the world to do so.  This event was another step in the erosion of morality. Today it’s same sex marriage, tomorrow it’s pedophilia, and the next day its bestiality.  In the recent past no one would have said that same sex marriage was on the horizon, and many would say “Your just fear-mongering”, or “It will never happen.”  It’s part of an agenda to bring about total depravity, just one more notch in the post for the modernists. When you put a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out. But if that same frog is put into room temperature water and the heat is turned up slowly it will not notice that it is being boiled alive.

Today’s society has done a complete reversal on what is good and what is evil (some say there is no such thing.)  It is drunk on itself, but it doesn’t realize what is really happening.  The media pushes that it is about “love”, and because society was pushed so hard for so long that it doesn’t realize it has been duped.  Greater society no longer understands what love is.  If you read the comments below about any given article or forum on the internet regarding same sex marriage you will see a few that oppose it, but many who are for it, and many will chastise, ridicule and wish harm on those who doesn’t support it.  It is a modern day persecution. Is this the “love” they are preaching?

The Catholic Church and scripture certainly teaches against same sex marriage, not because it “just hates” everything, but because it hates sin.  Sin is a destructive force, rather than a force for good.  There are aspects to this whole movement that most are not aware of.  For starters there are serious health concerns for those who partake in sodomy.  It also re-defines the term family that binds people together, and replaces it with a term that is about self.  Family is rooted in the ability to procreate but same sex marriage does not allow for this.  This in turn promotes a lifestyle of selfishness, turning oneself inwards, demanding that the individual be served rather than the family. Hedonism becomes the focus of the relationship and its god is self pleasure.   Same sex attractions used to be a mental disorder, but because of this agenda being pushed, the various Physiatrist associations of the world decided to drop this idea.  You can still find pamphlets such as “The Medical Consequences Of What Homosexuals Do” and videos such warning against what “Homosexuals Do” on the internet.  Even the U.S. CDC publishes statistics on the medical consequences and the outlook isn’t good for homosexuals!   The idea that same sex attraction is genetic is also a farce perpetrated by those pushing this agenda.  The entire human genome has been mapped, and no one has found a gay gene.  Multiple studies of twins were done, in which one of the twins were gay and the other weren’t; they found no genetic connection.  It is a purely mental condition, resulting from the environment.  No one is born gay, and if you look up “Not Born Gay” on facebook you will see the testimonials of a woman who used to have same sex attractions, was heavily involved in the LGBT lifestyle and has since made a complete 180 in this regard.   These are all things that do harm to the person, and it doesn’t even take into consideration what it does to society as a whole!

Mark my words, the next marching order is paedophilia.  Even now as I write this there are certain groups and individuals pushing for it.  It is not hard to find articles about it.  If you are for same sex marriage and reading this article do yourself a favour and look up the negative aspects of same sex marriage, sodomy, and the various perversions.  The image above says “Be on the right side of history”, but what it doesn’t realize is that same sex marriage is really on the wrong side of history as attested to in scripture and other long forgotten empires that embraced this lifestyle.