Toronto Police Deny Man Freedom of Speech

On July 1st, 2010, in Toronto Ontario during the Annual pride Parade in the public square, a man with a megaphone was preaching against homosexuality. During his preaching he met much resistance, screams, was doused with water, and was otherwise heckled. He offered to dialogue with the microphone, and actually managed to calm one of the girls down. She was woefully ignorant in her rhetoric, but at least she managed to say calm. This opportunity however was short lived to spread the Gospel as the Toronto Police Service moved in. These shameful Officers of the Law, either ignored or ignorant of the free speech laws in this country and after about 5 minutes moved the man out of the area, while not detaining him. This is the homosexual movement folks, it seeks to shut everyone down who doesn’t agree with them. It isn’t about love, it isn’t about charity, it isn’t about respect. It is about sex, it is about forcing others to concede to their sinful disgusting behavior at any cost, it is about rebellion in the highest form. And yet the average citizen, our Politicians, and even the Police in certain circumstances allow this to continue, and even at times such as this promote it. Deep down they know it is wrong, and is likely why they act out like children. According to LifeSiteNews, this man did manage to hand out many copies of the scriptures to passer-Byers and we are thankful for that. You can watch the full video below, please be aware, there is crude and inappropriate language.