Thunder Pride and Catholic?

Yesterday I was reading the newspaper from last week, and noticed the Thunder Pride Insert. I sighed a little to myself. Isn’t there a single day I can go without watching our society descend into moral chaos?

Well it turns out the answer to this question is mostly no. In my curiosity I went through the insert, just to see what has changed for the worse. Was I expecting anything other than a complete disregard for morality? Not really, but sometimes I get a little hope. But that wasn’t the case this time. As sure as there is thunder in “Thunder Bay”, it was for the worse. To tell you the truth I just glazed over most of it, uninterested in the latest hoopla. Two things did jump out at me, as they should for any God-fearing Catholic. The first being near the end of the insert “Partners in Pride Displays”. The Catholic Family Development Centre was listed. We know that promoting homosexuality and pride within a Catholic context is a grave disorder, and when I first saw this I wasn’t surprised. It was pointed out to me on several occasions that the “Catholic” in Catholic Family Development Centre, really means (well I don’t know actually) but it isn’t Catholic. CFDC states on their website they are non-denominational. I have also seen some of their inglorious involvements over the past 10 years. What really disgusts me about this situation, and has been for a while, is that the CFDC is still being supported by the Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign. CFDC received $63000.00 from our Diocese for the 2011/2012 year. This is ONE of the reasons I don’t donate to this, because I know a big chunk of the donations goes to CFDC. I am not sure as to the details of this, but when is the hard working money of honest Catholics going to stop promoting these types of Organizations who fly at the face of Catholicism? Why do they retain the name “Catholic”?

The second thing I noticed in the insert was the good old “Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board” has an ad promoting the feminist buzz words of “Diverse”, “Inclusive”, and “celebrates differences”. And to be honest they aren’t listed in the sponsors of the flyer, and I don’t know if they contributed or not. But again I ask. Why? Does the TBCSB need to advertise in an event that is in direct violation of Catholic teaching? Some already know how I feel about the TBCSB, and this just continues to erode any hope for Catholic Schools in Ontario. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few Catholics working hard to try and fix the many heretical views within the School Board, but it seems like were beating a dead horse.

Who is ultimately responsible for allowing these things to happen? Who is in charge? Can someone honestly enlighten us as to why this happens every single year? I and others would be so grateful. But for now the answer to my earlier question “Thunder Pride and Catholic?” has two answers. If you’re faithful to Christ and his Church a resounding no. If you aren’t faithful to Christ and his Church, then the answer is an ignorant yes.