The Ongoing Culture War

Many people today feel that the social revolution of the 1960s was a failure.

Many people today feel that the social revolution of the 1960s was a failure. After all, the peace movement is all but dead, there are still laws restricting marijuana use, and we are not all living in communes.

However, just consider how different the culture before the 1960s was. It may be hard for us to image a time when only a tiny fraction of society had ever tried marijuana; when abortion was completely illegal; when hard core pornography was really hard to find; when people needed grounds for divorce; when homosexual orientation was treated as a mental illness; when 80 percent of Catholics attended weekly Mass; when the F-word was never used in Hollywood movies and was rarely seen in print; when only a small minority was living on government assistance; when universal, publicly funded heath care did not exist; and when premarital sex and “living together” were seen as evil.

The cultural revolution of the 1960s had very deep roots. It began with Catholic humanism in the 14th century, got a big boost through the Protestant Reformation, another big boost through the founding of the first secular republic, the United States, another big boost in the founding of the first Communist state, the Soviet Union, another big boost in the victories of the democratic nations in the two world wars, and a final big boost with the liberalization of the Catholic Church through the Second Vatican Council. By the mid-1960s, everything was in place for a major cultural makeover and that process is continuing today.

What we see happening is the advent of the all-powerful State, the almost complete secularization of society and the gradual destruction of traditional morality. Standing in the way, are what’s left of the true Catholic Church and some of the more conservative adherents of other faiths. If these people of faith ceased to exist, the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-morality movement would virtually end. Satan is quite aware of this, so he directs his attacks against traditional religion, especially Catholicism.

The main purpose of St. Gabriel’s newsroom is to help retard the progress of the Luciferian revolution. In the long run, Satan and his cohorts must fail, simply because their revolt is ultimately against God. Satan is not the evil equivalent of God. God has no equal. When the great day of God’s victory comes, the power of darkness will collapse like a rotten building during an earthquake. Let’s make sure we are on the right side of the ongoing culture war.

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