The Church’s Doomed Pursuit of the Elusive Young Adult

Today’s rarity comes as a bit of a change to the normal type of articles normally posted, but still of concern to the Church. Bruce Reye-Chow presents an article titled “The Church’s Doomed Pursuit of the Elusive Young Adult”. He brings up some good points that I would like to expand on. Today’s ministry to the youth seems to be misplaced in the sense that we are isolating them, separating them from the rest of the congregation, and giving them special privileges. This is dangerous behavior because cliques and other negative social interactions form (specific to their view of Christianity which may or may agree with the traditions of the Church). We should not honor them as the great Savior of the future Church as we are all on the same mission. Our goal should be to integrate them like every other member of the Church (young and old), which includes the traditions, the lifestyle, and formation that comes with it. To give them a special “clause” sort of speak will only drive them away. Once the feeling of being “special” falls away they are left desolate without a properly rooted faith in Christ which tends to lack the basic tenants of the faith. The opportunity to fall away is a serious concern.

God calls all of us to holiness, not just a select few. Don’t get me wrong, youth do need ministering to from an early age, and when done in the right context they will indeed be the future Priests, Nuns, and Religious.  Please read Bruce’s article below for the full context of this post.