Teresa Pierre on Bill 13 (Gay Straight Alliance Clubs in Catholic Schools)

On February 5th, 2013, Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom interviewed Teresa Pierre of Parents as First Educators regarding Bill 13 which was passed in June of 2012 (The Accepting Schools Act). This bill forces Catholic schools to allow gay straight alliance clubs.

This law causes many problems for Catholics, because it conflicts with Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality. Some Catholic schools in Ontario already have Gay Straight Alliance clubs and this hinders the ability to instill Catholic values in our children. The promotion of homosexuality is a huge problem in our society today because it runs contrary to Gods plan for salvation and is another blow to the family unit. The secular world and even some Catholics incorrectly believe that ones sexuality is directly tied to human rights. In our interview below, Teresa Pierre answers our questions and demonstrates how Bill 13 has become a severe hindrance to Catholic social teaching in Ontario Catholic schools.

For more information visit https://www.p-first.com/

You can also read Bill 13 in its entirely here.