Saint Kateri Canonization – Kateri Prayer Days 2012

Kateri Tekakwitha was born in 1656 at Ossernenon (Auriseville), an Iroquois village, in what is now New York State. She converted to Catholicism at 18 years of age and died at the age of 24 from small pox. Tradition tells us that when she died her small pox was healed, and her complexion miraculously cleared. Blessed Kateri, was Canonized as a Saint Today (October 21st, 2012) in Rome at 3am . In September 2012 we had an opportunity to participate in the celebrations of Kateri’s Canonization. Kateri Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario, celebrates Kateri Prayer Days every year and is a very special Saint in this part of Canada. The below video is the testimonies, prayers, and reflections of the experiences leading up to Kateri’s Canonization.