Robert Sungenis and Anti-Semitism

Todays treasure of the day comes from a Catholic apologist by the name of Robert A. Sungenis, Ph.D.  He is well known in some Catholic circles, and well versed in the Catholic faith.  The article itself is an older one, and he rebuffs some comments and teachings made by a Priest named Fr. Massa who seems to be a progressive in ecumenical movement that has been promoting inter-faith dialogue, but also inter-faith concessions.   Fr. Massa seems to lean on Nostra Aetate from Vatican 2, which many have interpreted incorrectly. Doctor Sungenis outlines some of the problems outlined with Fr. Massas argument and the controversy surrounding the US Cathechism, that unfolded in 2008. Doctor Sungenis focuses on the fact that the Jews (the crowd in the courtyard and Jewish authority) though not solely responsible for Christ’s Crucifixion were still an integral part of it.  Please read his entire article here.