Priest Denies Lesbian Communion

A Priest recently denied Ms. Johnson Communion in the Archdiocese of Washington in a story outlined here and here.

Update: March 5th, 2012

To summarize the situation Ms. Johnson was attending the funeral of her mother, who is a devout Catholic.  Before the Funeral Mass begun Rev. Marcel Guarnizo met with Ms. Johnson and learned that she was co-habitating with her lesbian lover. Ms. Johnson was told by Fr. Guarnizo, not to come up for communion, but did anyways.  Fr. Guarnizo then denied her communion on the basis that she was in the state of mortal Sin.  Upset with this she expressed her anger; sent a letter to the ArchDiocese of Washington, and went to the media to make national headlines. 

The ArchDiocese then running like a coward dog with its tail between it’s leg sent a formal apology (seen here) to Ms. Johnson expressing their regret at the situation. The Media then mis-reported the story and left out important points about that whole situation.  Why did Ms. Johnson act like this at the funeral, and why did she think she was somehow entitled to commuion despite her obvious objections to the legitimate teachings and authority of the Church?  It is disgraceful that the mass media vomitted out an inaccurate sensationalist story to put the Church in a bad light.  And even worse the Archdiocese handled the situation by denying the truth, rather than standing up for the truth.

I personally would like to cheer Fr. for standing up for what is right and good and for showing an act of Love for this woman. We must stand firm, true, and couragous against woman like this who would chastise him, and be firm with our Diocese’s that we will not run away in cowardess when challenged by the Devil.

LifesiteNews Reports an Update to this story here.

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