Pope’s top advisor tells CDF head to ‘loosen up’ on Communion for remarried

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Does this really surprise anyone?


Does this really surprise anyone? “a German, one has to say, and above all he’s a German theology professor, so in his mentality there’s only truth and falsehood.” Well yeah of course there is only truth and falsehood, anything in between is a half truth! Shades of gray are shades of falsehoods. Oh yes it gets better! “What God has joined together, man must not divide. This word is clear. But there are many approaches to interpret it.” Yeah there certainly are many ways to interpret it, men marrying men, women marrying women, men marrying dogs (has happened), men marrying many others (polygamy), men marrying children (pedophilia). And if his hole wasn’t deep enough…. “After the failure of a marriage, for example, we can ask: Were you really connected to God as spouses? Well, there is still much room for a deeper penetration.” Well yeah the man who wants to divorce his wife because she got into a car accident and is now disabled, there is tons of room of deeper penetration there! How about the woman who no longer likes his husband because he got fat, or vice versa? Lets penetrate that one deeper as well. Or they suddenly find themselves in financial ruin because the other spouse has debt! Perhaps you shouldn’t be so callous and blessing their marriage in the first place ! Perhaps then you wouldn’t find yourself in this mess. Yes Oscar let us keep digging, and penetrating lets see how far you can dig before you reach hell.