Motion 312 Defeated

Yesterday the Canadian Motion 312 was defeated in the house of commons. For those who haven’t been following the details, 312 was introduced by MP. Woodworth as a private members motion to do a study on when a human becomes a life under the criminal code.  Many abortion advocates were vocal about this, and so was the Prime-minister when he declared he didn’t want the abortion debate re-opened.  The motion was defeated 203 against and 91 for the controversial motion. Our own MP Bruce Hyer voted against it as expected, and John Rafferty was no where to be found on the list of who voted.  If you want to see how your MP voted click here. In a poll we took on our website regarding abortion restrictions over the past several weeks, we see a correlation between our results and what happened in Parliament.  This pac-man like pie chart does illustrate the percentage distribution between pro-life and pro-choice advocates.  It is almost if the pro-choice side of the debate seeks to swallow up the pro-life side with its rhetoric, and silence us the same way it does too many unborn babies. Of course our sample size wasn’t very large which leaves a sizeable error margin. However; it still raised some eyes-brows as to what type of people are visiting our website.  The fact is there is still no abortion law in Canada and before this happened many didn’t even understand there wasn’t (See our Man on the Street Video). Even though this wasn’t the victory we were hoping for, many news agencies and pro life associations have dubbed this a partial victory, because it has made many aware there are no abortion laws in Canada. Like it or not the abortion debate is here, as it gradually picks up momentum. We will continue to pray for the unborn, because we have not lost hope, and as each year goes by we see more people waking up to the truth of what abortion really is.  Each year the March for Life in Ottawa continues to grow larger and larger, with nearly 20 thousand in attendance this year.  Thunder Bay will also be having its annual Life Chain this weekend (September 29th, and 30th) between 2 and 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday on Memorial Avenue.  Please come out to show your support or come hold a sign with us.