Melinda Gates – I’m Catholic But Not Really

Below is an interview with Melinda Gates, the wife of the previous CEO of Microsoft (Bill Gates). In the interview she is pushing for contraception rights for women in impoverished nations because she believes that population control will raise the standard of living in these nations as well as give women the ability to feed themselves. Unfortunately she operates under assumptions that are just flat our incorrect. To see the rest of the article and watch the entire interview please click the readmore below.

Some of these assumptions include that the Catholic Church is somehow responsible for eradicating poverty, that women’s’ rights trump those of the family, and that she is free to publicly disagree and disavow certain Dogmatic moral truths of the Church. At one point she believes that “we shouldn’t be arguing about what method of contraception to use”. The problem however is that the Church doesn’t believe in any form of contraception despite her claims. Natural Family Planning, is a last case resort reserved for serious circumstances and it is not a “form of contraception”. Melinda mentions that 82% of Catholics believe contraception is morally acceptable. This appeal to belief doesn’t make it true, regardless of what others may think. The Church has made dogmatic pronouncements on this topic, and it has been handed down from Christ. The decision has been made and it is in stone, unchangeable so long as the earth exists in its current state. Melinda at one point in her conversation also mentions to let “women walk with their feet” in regards to the Church and it’s teachings regarding contraception. Her appeals come right from radical feminism that is so prevalent in our society today. If Melinda wants to truly help women she would be wise to stop leading them astray. It would be much more prudent to offer them the basic knowledge and tools needed to build a basic infrastructure than to throw contraception at the problem, which will only make the problem worse.  Unfortunately all these claims and assertions she has made have put her in a state of mortal sin, which she may not even be aware of. Melinda has let her emotional appeal cloud her judgment, and each step she takes in this direction is another step she takes towards losing her soul completely. She lacks basic trust in authority, basic trust in Christ and has instead taken her own path. I suspect her life of decadence has contributed to her twisted worldview and like so much bad theology coming from modernism and the Spirit of Vatican II, her moral compass seems to be spinning out of control. No amount of population control is going to fix poverty and there will always be health complications in pregnancy. All we have to do is look at our own societies to see the negative effects of contraception. Many countries have birth rates that are far below replacement level in modern societies, yet poverty is still prevalent; how did she not notice this? Christ has said “For the poor you have always with you: but me you have not always.” Our moral compass must be pointed at him first; otherwise all our attempts at good deeds are for naught. Melinda Gates I say this to you. “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?”