Jesus the sun god??

Sometimes I just have to shake my head. Now and again, particularly around Christmas the “pseudo-intellectuals” come out in full force. I like to call them armchair scholars.

Sometimes I just have to shake my head. Now and again, particularly around Christmas the “pseudo-intellectuals” come out in full force. I like to call them armchair scholars. They make grand claims about conspiracies and theories regarding the cosmos and put forward claims that attempt to debunk any positive aspects our traditional culture has to offer. I call them armchair scholars because they tend to sit in their lazy-boy surfing the “top of the pops” type of educational channels on their boob tube. These “scholars” also gather information from Youtube and other secular media sources that typically seek to instigate controversy rather than provide truth.  These theorists are also the same kind of people who will take bits of information from many different sources in the media, and then combine them to form their own queer form of paganism, or should I say, “plaganism.” They rarely verify their sources to see whether or not what they have learned is true, and rarely do they read actual books regarding the topic they are “experts” in. One “pseudo-theory” proposed by these lazy-boy academics that continues to float around the internet like a foul flatulent emission that obstinately lingers in the air is the claim that the story of Christ was really just a plagiarized version of the Egyptian sun god Horus.

This popular claim takes the Nativity story and twists it to fit the armchair scholar’s peculiar ‘religious’ beliefs. It usually starts with ‘the fact’ that the story of Jesus borrowed heavily from the Egyptians and their sun god Horus. The claim mentions that the wise men are symbolic of three stars in the sky, Horus was born of a virgin, helped the weak, performed miracles, and so on. In typical bad scholarly fashion some supposedly ‘convincing’ charts or diagrams will flash on the screen, and then challenge the story of Christ based on this so-called evidence. A popular movie called Zeitgeist, released in 2007, seems to have only fed the fire. I am not going to go point by point on why this claim of Jesus borrowing from the Egyptians’ is so ridiculous, because well it is RIDICULOUS, and besides, others have beat me to the punch. So I will provide you with two sources that give you more objective facts regarding Horus, and this will illustrate to you that these theories regarding Jesus are sheer and utter fabrications. Besides, as Catholics we acknowledge the Church and its magisterium as “the” authority when it comes to understanding Christianity. We have a long history of traditions and original documents that verify the historical Jesus. As technology improves and as new documents are discovered and archived, we are finding more and more evidence of the historical Jesus Christ.

The first article is from – It just happened to be the first source I found. I have seen this posted on many websites, as it has been aggregated many times, and I don’t recall the original source of the article. You can read the article from the link above. As you can see it does a very good job at explaining each claim, one at a time. For the more skeptical and those who like to read long and boring things I have also provided you with a link to a second source, which outlines in very great detail the actual story of Horus.   It really makes me wonder why so many will blindly go along with this fascination in attempting to debunk Christ’s birth. It seems to me, that there are agendas at work against Christianity, but I won’t get into that, as I wouldn’t want to label myself as one of those crazy theorists! Have a Merry Christmas season full of the historical Christ as taught by the Catholic Church.

P.S. January 1st, is a Holy Day of Obligation