Fatima: The Only Solution

Our Lady warned us at Fatima about the great dangers and catastrophes that the world would face if her request, the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, was not granted. Her request has not been granted and the world is now on the threshold of a great chastisement.

Threat of Nuclear War

U.S. foreign policy has never been more dangerous. It could help provoke a major, catastrophic war. The U.S. is fighting an ongoing war on multiple levels in the Middle East that is designed to benefit Israel and achieve American and Israeli domination in the region. This is a threat to important Russian interests in the area. The White House is also helping to mobilize, encourage and coordinate the anti-Russian forces in the Ukraine. In Asia, China is rapidly becoming a superpower, big enough to rival the U.S. It is quickly gaining enormous military and economic might and is flexing its muscles, challenging U.S. power in the pacific region. These and other factors could lead to nuclear war between the U.S. allied with its NATO partners against Russia and China.

Threat of Economic Collapse

The U.S. economy is tanking. Its middle class is eroding. Its manufacturing sector is being gutted. Its total debt is out of control. The Federal Reserve has dangerously expanded its money supply, backing it with nothing but “confidence” in the U.S. A collapse of the U.S. dollar and the bankruptcy of the U.S. government are serious possibilities. An American economic collapse would probably take down much of the world economy.

Moral Decadence

Social morality in the typical “developed” nation is appalling. The divorce rate is about 50 percent. Homosexual behavior is being “normalized.” Sex outside of marriage is accepted and even encouraged. A large percentage of teenagers are sexually active, often with multiple partners. The culture is saturated with pornography. Work is no longer seen as a moral duty but as only a means to earn money. Masturbation is viewed as “healthy.” Legalized abortion has become the norm. The birth rate is too low to sustain the rapidly aging population. Euthanasia and marijuana have been legalized or decriminalized in some jurisdictions and the number will probably grow. Worsening moral decline threatens the very survival of Western civilization.

Emergence of the Police State

In the wake of the “terror” attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, basic human rights and freedoms, long a hallmark of Western democracies, have been curtailed. The U.S. Patriot Act is the quintessential example. Similar authoritarian legislation has been adopted by more than 30 nations to counter global “terrorism” and to help ensure “national security.” This type of legislation, coupled with modern computer technology, has enabled authorities to indiscriminately eave drop on telephone conversations and other forms of communication and to compile massive amounts of data on law-abiding citizens. This is being done without court orders. The new “anti-terror” legislation also expands police search and seizure powers and allows the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of anyone suspected of being “terrorists.”

Ignorance of The Danger

Still, most people live in blissful ignorance of these grave dangers. The entertainment and news media soothe the “man on the street” and indoctrinate him. The media have become the opiate of the masses. The average citizen believes that things are going pretty well. The stock markets are generally healthy. Most people in affluent nations live comfortably. The authorities generally leave them alone. The media and education system portray those on the “far right” as “alarmists,” “dangerous reactionaries,” “religious fanatics” and “conspiracy nuts.” Would the average citizen be greatly troubled if, in the not too distant future, the authorities in Western nations began to openly persecute conservative Christians?

The Only Solution

What is the answer? God. A long time ago in Fatima, Portugal, God gave us the key to defeating the devil’s agenda. Please pray that the Pope together with all his Bishops will grant Our Lady of Fatima’s request. It is now nearly the eleventh hour but it is not too late.


Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom does not have an official position on whether the request of Our Lady of Fatima has been granted. The above opinion is that of the author and not necessarily that of Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom.


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