Christine Elliot; the wrong way forward

Within hours of my endorsement of Patrick Brown, the other candidate in the contest, my colleague, Christine Elliott – was quick to condemn me for my “outdated” views.


April 15, 2015

Though my campaign for Ontario PC leader has ended, I remain committed to opposing Kathleen Wynne and her sex-ed agenda. Yesterday, thousands of Ontario parents held a rally in front of the Ontario legislature and it was my great honour to speak to the crowd and offer encouragement to those parents. Read coverage of the rally here, and here.

Over the past 6 weeks, there have been dozens of rallies across Ontario and I have attended many of them.  I have been impressed by the dedication of the thousands of Ontario parents who are standing up to the Liberal government and their sex-ed agenda.  These parents are making real progress in their political protest. Many Liberal MPPs and cabinet ministers are publicly expressing concern about the backlash against their government over this issue.

Together, we will stop Kathleen Wynne!

Last week when I ended my own campaign for the Ontario PC Party leadership, I urged my supporters to join me in supporting Patrick Brown, the MP for Barrie.  Patrick has – many times – spoken out against Wynne’s sex-ed proposal, a radical left-wing agenda that Kathleen Wynne describes as “strong and updated and modern”.

Within hours of my endorsement of Patrick Brown, the other candidate in the contest, my colleague, Christine Elliott – was quick to condemn me for my “outdated” views:

 “To win the next election, we need to heed these lessons, not choose a leader whose outdated views fall far outside today’s mainstream. Patrick and Monte’s ideological rejection of a modern and inclusive Ontario will do nothing more than lose the next election and secure another term for Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals.”

– Christine Elliott, 9 April 2015 (You can read her full statement by clicking here

Ms. Elliott claims to offer a “…truly progressive conservative vision…” and says she opposes “… the politics of division…” but here is the reality: Ms. Elliott has not once stood up to Kathleen Wynne and her sex-ed agenda in the Ontario legislature, even though she has had plenty of opportunity to do so. She has thus far refused to appear at any of the protests at Queen’s Park and she has, to my knowledge, made no public comment opposing Wynne’s “modern” education agenda since it was released in late February.

In fact, Ms. Elliott has been silent on Wynne and has instead only attacked her fellow PC candidates and caucus members. She now accuses me – and MP Patrick Brown – of having “outdated views”, views that “fall far outside today’s mainstream”. Ms. Elliott also predicts that the support of traditional values and the rejection of the Kathleen Wynne/Christine Elliott version of a “modern and inclusive Ontario” will cause the Ontario PC Party to lose the next election.

There can be no doubt about it: Christine Elliott supports Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda, or, at the very least, she has no plans to oppose it in any way.

Christine Elliott could not be more wrong. If she wants to build a “modern” PC Party that is an echo of the “modern” Liberal Party of Kathleen Wynne, then Ms. Elliott will be robbing Ontario parents of a clear alternative to Kathleen Wynne. 

Christine Elliott has issued the challenge: Ontario PCs can either join her in building a Kathleen Wynne-style “modern” party – whatever that means – or they can join me in supporting MP Patrick Brown and in building a PC party that stands for the rights of Ontario parents and families. To win the next election, especially in the Liberal-GTA stronghold, we must oppose Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda.

The choice is clear. Please join me in supporting Patrick Brown for Ontario PC leader!

If you have any questions regarding my support for Patrick Brown or if I can be of assistance on any other matter, please contact me at 647.542.5567 or by replying to this email,

Yours sincerely,

Monte McNaughton, MPP



PS: Every vote counts and we must STOP Christine Elliott and instead elect MP Patrick Brown.

The election takes place over 2 days: May 3 and May 7. If you are unable to vote on either Sunday, May 3rd in the afternoon or Thursday, May 7th in the evening, you have the option to vote by “proxy”.  To vote by proxy, you must submit a proxy application before this Friday, April 17, 2015. 

Patrick Brown needs your vote either by proxy or in person in May. To vote by proxy, please contact Patrick Brown’s campaign at  or 1.844.772.8742 today.