Do You Believe in CHOICE?

As I parked behind a small car the other day, I noticed its large bumper sticker, vividly displaying one word in large capital letters: CHOICE. It got me thinking. First of all, I often see pro-life bumper stickers, but I rarely see pro-choice ones. And, why don’t pro-choicers use bumper stickers that read: “Pregnant? Consider abortion.” Or, “Over population is the problem. Abortion is the solution.” Or, “Abortion will lower the crime rate.” The reason is that even pro-choicers know there’s something wrong with abortion, so they hide behind the word choice. The word implies democracy, liberalism, open-mindedness and human rights, especially woman’s rights. It’s an excellent marketing strategy to promote something that is evil.

The word choice, in itself, is neither good nor bad. Our power to make moral choices is intrinsic to our humanity and comes from God. Adam and Eve made humanity’s first moral choice: They chose to disobey God. Therefore, all of humanity has been infected with sin, but we can still choose between good and evil. 

The scourge of abortion is rooted in humanity’s fallen nature, which is essentially selfish. Even if abortion was illegal, women could choose to have one. Before legalized abortion, many women who had “gotten in trouble” would use readily available tools on themselves to try to induce a “miscarriage.” Also, organized crime was a major provider of illegal abortions. Often, the mob would hire an immoral doctor and arrange for a number of pregnant women to gather at a motel on a certain date. The abortions were performed in one room and the women would recover in other rooms. 

We could not be good if we could not choose to be evil. We couldn’t love if we couldn’t choose to hate. Everyone in hell freely chose to be there. In a way, a bumper sticker that reads CHOICE is meaningless; on the other hand, it strikes at the very heart of our spiritual predicament. The government can allow people to choose abortion, but it does not have the power to make abortion good. 

I challenge pro-choicers to put bumper stickers on their cars that read, “I’m Pro-Abortion,” but I know they won’t. They would rather hide the evil of abortion under one of Satan’s most convincing lies.

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