(Debunked) So you still think Homosexuality Is Sinful?

August 13th, 2012 – Treasure of the Day

Today’s treasure of the day is a no brainer.  Very recently a new meme type picture has been circulating around the internet and facebook titled, “So you still think Homosexuality is Sinful”? It depicts a flowchart graphic starting with “Yes”, and “No”, and then goes into some reasons, mostly from scripture why Homosexuality is not sinful.  The artists attempt at interpretting scripture is laughable at best.

Marc Barnes of Bad Catholic (Read or Die) dissects the scriptural rhetoric being used in his article here.

He doesn’t dissect everything, but his point is made sufficiently that this flowchart was either done by someone clearly without any understanding of the issue, or by someone very clever, who is deliberately trying to deceive others into blindly following his logical fallacies.