CAW Union counter-protests Abortion Van?

The Canadian Auto Workers Union is organizing counter-protests to the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethnical reforms abortion van. 

On the CAW website, an article dated June 7th urges other members to participate in counter-protests to cooresponding events that the CCBR are going to hold in 7 cities.   These cities are Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Brampton, London, Toronto, and Ottawa. The article states that “anti-choicers” are assembling to overturn legal rights to abortion.

In this act of what seems to be utter crazyness, why on God’s green Earth, would the CAW get involved in this?  What does a union have to do with abortion? What do they have to gain from this? What’s worse is that union dues are being used to sponsor these counter-protests, and probably no option to opt out of it. The two contact people listed on the CAW are both women, and likely staunch feminists. In Thunder Bay the local CAW contact person is Kari Jefford ( ).  If you are a member of the CAW and pro-life we urge you to email, call or otherwise protest this abuse.

Stephanie Gray Director of CCBR went on record to say “I also find it shocking that the largest private worker’s union in the country is using its union dues to advocate for abortion. Participation in this union is mandatory, and yet people like CAW president Ken Lewenza are using the union dues of pro-life auto workers to advocate for Canada’s status quo as the only Western democracy to have no abortion restrictions. Canadians are forced to fund abortion with their tax dollars, and now CAW members are being forced to advocate for it with their union dues.  What does abortion have to do with workplace issues for autoworkers?   It is unfortunate that Ken Lewenza has no respect for his employees’ freedom of conscience.”

Another local source is quoted as saying “Locally their members are to meet at Hope CRC at 6:30 pm, one hour before the presentation, urging their members to bring noise makers. The Thunder Bay Police and the OPP have been alerted.”

Hopefully this peaceful protest doesn’t turn into something ugly. Camera’s will be on hand to document the event.

For more information please see the press release from CCBR:

and the LifeSiteNews Article: