Christopher’s Catholic Update

Sinful Paintings and Beautiful Humans

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / November 30, 2013

One night not long ago, I was by myself contemplating sin. How does sin affect us in the long run? Will my sins prevent me from entering heaven? I wouldn’t be the first person to gaze off into the mental realm of these thoughts. It is certain that many great minds of history have written on these topics; not to say I’m a great mind. The idea that came to me is likely something that has been said before by others or perhaps a combination of different pieces of wisdom that I have strung together like a twisted cable pair or a rope. The analogy that occurred to me is that our lives tend to be like paintings. Even though no analogy is perfect or sufficient to explain the wisdom of God, I will at least attempt to grasp at this little corner of wisdom and explain what I mean by this.

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End Abortion! End The Sacrifices! A Pre-Born Baby is Human!

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / May 9, 2013

Today, May 9th, is the March for Life in Ottawa, this annual event seeks to change hearts, De-fund, and hopefully make abortion unthinkable in Canada. Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom was not able to be there this year to record the event. What I have done instead is create a video in honour of those babies who…

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Yukon’s Education Minister forbids free speech

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / April 7, 2013

The Education Minister for the Yukon, Scott Kent, has forbidden Catholics schools to educate children based on the Church’s teaching of homosexuality. has picked up the story, that you can read here. Catholic news services, blogs, and websites have been warning of problems such as this for many years, and very few believed that…

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Sede Vacante!

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / March 6, 2013

Cardinals around the world are heading to Rome to prepare for the next Conclave. One hundred and thirteen are currently in Rome, and there are still a few that haven’t arrived yet. Our own Cardinal Collins from Toronto will be in attendance, as well as Canadian Cardinal Ouellett. 

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Dr. Harvey Speaks at Pro-Life Banquet

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / February 12, 2013

Thunder Bay Students for Life recently hosted the Second Annual Respect for Life Banquet at the Columbus Centre in Thunder Bay. This pro-life event had a good turnout, with people represented from all age groups. Joseph Wenzell and Alexandra Calnan, the event organizers, were very pleased with the success of the event.

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Pope Benedict XVI resigns!

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict the XVI plans to resign from the Chair of Peter February 28th, 2013.  This is a surprise to me and to many.  In Pope Benedicts letter, he reveals that his strength of body and mind has deteriorated.

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Silence! During the Mass

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / February 9, 2013

See Fathers Marks article here.

Father Mark wrote a wonderful article above “Silentium tibi laus” about silence in the Church that you can view above.

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The Four Christian Pillars

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / February 7, 2013

Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington writes a elequoant article (above) on the importance of the these important aspects of the Catholic Faith.

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25th Anniversary of Morgentaler Decision (Today)

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / January 29, 2013

Today – January 28th, 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Morgentaler Decision. This day in 1988 the supreme court removed the remaining protections against babies in the womb, making abortion completely legal for any reason in Canada.

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Did Jesus tell the Apostles to buy weapons? Yes. To use them?

By Saint Gabriels Newsroom / January 15, 2013

The title may seem a little suprising at first…

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