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The Politics of Homeschooling - Part IV

Part IV: Sweden, a Case Study, Cont.

In this fourth part of our inquiry dealing with the politics of homeschooling, we continue our review of Sweden’s educational policies as an illustration of what one can expect when socialist principles run amuck in the land of the free. In the last article, we pointed out Sweden’s socio-democratic political bias, and drew attention to the reality that in a political system that has socialist dispositions, uniformity is a preferred model, even when it comes to the behavioural traits of its citizens. Key words that are repeated consistently on Sweden’s official web site are equal, equity, and egalitarian. Note that although we are “equal” in the eyes of God, He created us as “individuals.” One must draw a distinction between this sense of “equal” and “equal” in the “collectivist” sense.

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Feast day of Canadian Martyrs in Canada

Today, we remember our North American Martyrs. Our site is named after—and primarily dedicated to—the Canadian missionary martyr Saint Gabriel Lallemant (or “Lalemant,” depending on the particular reference). Born in France in 1610, Fr. Lallemant took a vow to devote himself to foreign missions after joining the Jesuits in 1630, which eventually brought him to Quebec. He was martyred at the mission of Saint Ignace on March 17, 1649. He was 39 years of age. His last moments are recorded as follows:

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The Politics of Home Schooling - Part III

Sweden; A Case Study, Part I

Having reflected on Bill C-13, we will now address the logical consequences of an educational system in a country immersed in secularism, and attempt to answer the rhetorical question; how can citizens of a nation all of a sudden wake up to the fact that they are in fact enslaved ...

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The Politics of Homeschooling - Part II

Concluding thoughts on Bill C-13

In our previous article in this series, we presented the preamble to the Ontario government’s Bill C-13 and have read in it what appears to be an acknowledgment of Ontario’s “diverse” society. 

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