Sede Vacante!

Coat of arms of Marc Ouellet.svgCardinals around the world are heading to Rome to prepare for the next Conclave. One hundred and thirteen are currently in Rome, and there are still a few that haven't arrived yet. Our own Cardinal Collins from Toronto will be in attendance, as well as Canadian Cardinal Ouellette. During this time of Sede vacante (vacant seat) many of us are wondering who the next Pope will be, many have ideas or wishes on who it will be, but only God knows for sure. Regardless of who it is, we have to trust that he will receive the guidance from Christ on steering this great ship. One simple thing we can do as members of the Church is to pray for our Cardinals who have this great task of selecting the next Pope. The man, who is ultimately chosen by God as the next Vicar of Christ, will be revealed to those present at the Conclave; at least that is our hope! I invite everyone to say a simple prayer each day for the Cardinals, be it the Lord's Prayer, the Rosary, Mass, or another intercessory prayer.