25th Anniversary of Morgentaler Decision (Today)

I regret My Abortion

Today - January 28th, 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Morgentaler Decision. This day in 1988 the supreme court removed the remaining protections against babies in the womb, making abortion completely legal for any reason in Canada.

I met briefly this past Saturday with the Canadian Centre of Bio-Ethical reform at their apologetics workshop.  It wasn't anything I haven't heard before; however the speakers went into greater detail on how to change someones mind and heart who may be a pro-choice advocate, has already had an abortion, has been raped, or who is planning to pre-maturely end another human life.

C.C.B.R has an online classroom for those more interested linked here.  The simple but effective methodology of S.L.E.D (Size, Level of Development, Environment, and Dependency) was used to help people understand why a pre-born baby is in fact a human person and thus should have the same rights as any other human.  C.C.B.R. also took to the streets in various regions in Canada with graphic images called the "Choice Chain" (Link on Left) to help people remember the horror of abortion and to call upon this anniversary.

LifeSite News also wrote a wonderful article (linked here) about the historic and unfortunate decision that has brought about so much destruction in our time.  The United States also just recently held their March for Life 2013, and produced a record number of participants. To find out more information visit their website here.  Canada has its own March for Life in warmer weather on May 3rd, 2013, organized by Campaign Life Coalition in Ottawa which we will be present for.  Saint Gabriels has wrote a number of articles, produced footage, and done interviews on various pro-life causes/events over the past year.  If you haven't seen them already, please check them out, by searching for abortion, pro-life, choice chain, and other such keywords from our website search box.  If you are in the Thunder Bay area, and want to help out with pro-life causes, we have a local Right to Life chapter, with an AGM coming up.  If you are interested in this please visit their website http://www.thunderbayrighttolife.com